Rare and unique dishes with a Planet Spice twist!

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Cooked with fresh ginger, tamarind, jeera, green chili and spring onions (fairly hot)
Chicken - £8.25
Lamb - £8.95
King Prawns - £12.50

Chicken Ruchitha – £8.25
Fairly hot curry, cooked with strips of charcoal flamed grilled chicken with mushrooms and pototoes

Lamb Ruchitha – £8.95
Fairly hot curry, cooked with strips or charcoal flamed grilled lamb with mushrooms and potatoes

Creamy Pathia (Chicken or Lamb) – £7.50
Tasty, sweet and sour dish in a creamy sauce.

Balti Chat Pothi (Chicken or Lamb) – £8.50
Cooked in a special Balti Sauce with onion, red pepper, garlic and corriander and topped with fried potato and green chili.

Balti Khan Supreme – £8.25
Minced meat and chicken tikka, cooked in a Balti sauce.

Balti Peshwari (Chicken or Lamb) – £8.25

Balti Makhani (Chicken or Lamb) – £8.25
Mild to medium dish, cooked in a creamy Balti sauce.

Bilashi (Chicken or Lamb) – £8.50
Cooked with fresh garlic, onion, coriander and various herbs and spices in a special home-made bhuna sauce. (Fairly hot)

Dawat (Chicken or Lamb) – £8.50
Cooked in a medium hot special Bangladeshi sauce & topped with crispy fried potato.

Nashilee (Chicken or Lamb) – £7.95
A favourite with ladies, this dish is cooked in an exotic sauce with wine added for a unique flavour.

Red Mist (Chicken or Lamb) – £8.25
Garlic and tomato-based, this dish is prepared in a medium strength sauce with the finest red Port.

Murg Sagrana – £8.75
An exceptional chicken dish unique to Planet Spice, cooked with cream and mild spices. This mild dish is prepared specially for weddings.

Katmandu – £8.95
Chicken or lamb with fresh green chili, lemon juice, onions. Medium dry dish but beware, it’s really hot!

Bengal Machlee – £10.50
A lightly spiced fish in a fairly thick sauce, cooked with coriander and mixed spices.

Maass Bhuna (Salmon) – £12.50
Highly flavoured fish cooked with fresh coriander leaves, tomatoes, green pepper and various herbs
and spices in a medium bhuna sauce.

A classic example of a ceremonial dish made with onion, red pepper, tomato, herbs and aromatic spices!
Chicken – £7.75
Lamb – £8.25
King Prawn – £12.50

Green Masala Special
Fairly hot, tangy sauce made from fresh pureed coriander, tamarind, mint, garlic, green chilli and herbs.
Chicken – £8.50
Lamb Tikka – £8.95
King Prawn – £12.50

Lamb Shank – £11.95
Planet Spice specialty. Lamb shank is a very spicy dish cooked with chef’s own recipe

Tiger by the Sea – £13.25
Whole king prawn cut in half and cooked in a pan with a variety of spices and a medium thick sauce.
Highly aromatic flavours.


Some of our dishes may contain traces of nuts, gluten or other allergens. If you have any allergies please let us know.